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Who IS Doug Paul? I'm just one of those American voice actors that voiced "promos before promos were cool."  I grew up in a TV and radio family. So I love that side of the business. Had some great mentors too. When starting out in freelance I voiced commercials and promos. As luck would have it, Steve Sohmer, NBC Television's Executive Vice President in charge of marketing and promotion gave me my first network promo break. (Thanks Steve!) Today my voice can be heard coast-to-coast on TV, radio, satellite, internet, and even in movie theaters. I continue to be lucky to work with a who's who of clients for over 25 years, including Ford, Walt Disney, Coke, Turner,  NBC Universal, Tribune, ABC Sports, Cream of Wheat, Calvin Klein, American Express, Miramax Films, HBO, Showtime, and Discovery Channel to name a few.  After working in all three majors, being based in New York City and Atlanta, l now live on a farm just north of the city of Atlanta.  I've got a great sounding studio- available 24/7 -that serves as a hub for daily voice business. You'll hear me around. Would love to work with you. 

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